Andrea Walker-Williamson MBA

Producer | Director (CEO, COO) | Author | Diversity Influencer

Andrea Walker-Williamson, the visionary founder of Create Noise, is a multifaceted professional with a passion for film production and promoting diversity in the entertainment industry. With her extensive expertise as a producer, director, author, and diversity influencer, Andrea has carved a unique path in the world of filmmaking.

Driven by a personal experience, Andrea recognized the need for family-oriented films that showcased strong black leads, providing representation for individuals who looked like her and her community. This realization inspired her to embark on a journey to create positive change in the industry.

Equipped with an MBA and a deep understanding of film production, Andrea took a courageous leap and established Create Noise. The name encapsulates her mission of creating a positive impact and challenging the norms in the entertainment realm. Through her company, Andrea aims to produce high-quality films that bring families together and promote positive representation of the black community.

Andrea's commitment to education and community building sets Create Noise apart from other production companies. She understands the importance of investing in long-term relationships with customers and supporting the growth of the community she serves. By partnering with schools and community-based organizations, Andrea actively fosters opportunities for education and employment, empowering aspiring filmmakers and creatives from within the community.

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